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HOUSE HAFLA // Electronic Night Series

House Hafla is back in Toronto for its 3rd edition! Join us on Saturday, June 29th @ Revival and experience the versatile sounds of electronic music from the SWANA region and beyond.

House Hafla هاوس حفلة is a platform dedicated to exploring the versatile sounds of electronic music, from Disco & House to Techno & Funk, through the self expression of the diaspora and beyond. We’re excited to be able to showcase the amazing talent of electronic artists from the SWANA region and its friends.

House Hafla هاوس حفلة offers chords and wide percussions with versatile electronic beats and deep melodies. Look forward to a night that celebrates the rhythm, culture and artistic diversity of Eastern Mediterranean music blended with global electronic music and beyond.

The third edition of House Hafla هاوس حفلة is presented by Ya Tab Tab in partnership with MARSM Canada.

DJ Line-up:


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Featured DJs


Toronto-based DJ faisalkon, originally from Pakistan, is a passionate curator of diverse sounds who finds purpose in cross-cultural collaboration. As the cofounder of collectives Scene Series and Untold Stories, he champions an eclectic set of artists, fostering an inclusive South Asian dance scene in Toronto.

His sets blend infectious disco, house, and Hi-NRG beats mixed with a treasure trove of his South Asian disco records, ensuring these sonic gems are both preserved and enjoyed.

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Lebanese bred, Toronto based. Zaatar connoisseur by day and House & Melodic Techno DJ & Producer by night. Rami's style references the rhythms, cultural and artistic diversity of Eastern Mediterranean music blended with contemporary electronic music.

His sets are characterized by a seamless blend of traditional Arabic vocals, Oud chords and Dirbake percussions with versatile electronic beats and deep melodies.

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MXK is a Toronto-based Lebanese producer/drummer who makes sounds for self-expression. Inspired by his roots in metal drumming and rediscovering his connection to the sounds of his native region, MXK produces music that tries to capture the essence of both worlds which make him feel and move.

In 2024, MXK made a strong entrance onto the electronic music scene with the release of his debut 3-track EP "Are We Dreaming?". The EP climbed to the number 7 spot on the top melodic techno and house releases on Beatport, placing MXK on their "ON OUR RADAR 2024" playlist for the genre. Looking ahead, MXK has his sights set on creating art that reimagines the relationship between electronic music and his culture.

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