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DNDARA Toronto // Electronic Night Series

Join us for a special 2nd edition of DNDARA as we proudly present a stellar all-female DJ lineup that transcends boundaries and barriers. Mark your calendars for April 27th @ Revival and secure your tickets today!


DNDARA is MARSM Canada’s exclusive electronic event series showcasing electronic dance music DJs from the SWANA region and beyond. A term frequently used in the Jordanian Arabic dialect, DNDARA means ‘a party not to be missed’. 

In this second edition on April 27th, experience the fierce talent of four phenomenal DJs, each bringing their unique flavour to the dance floor. From deep house to electronic fusion, bass-heavy beats to genre-defying productions, with VJ artist Bevy Law who will be making the night extra special with her stunning visuals. Together, they will weave a tapestry of sound and art that celebrates the unifying power of music in a night that promises to be unforgettable. 

Please note: DNDARA offers an inclusive safe space for our people, friends and community to come together and express themselves freely. There's a zero tolerance policy for anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab racism, sexism, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, and any other conduct that may perpetuate oppression 


The second edition of DNDARA Toronto is produced by MARSM Canada in collaboration with Nomada Project, with the promo support of Ya Tab Tab


No refunds.

Featured DJs


NOUR goes searching for a sound that would reverberate with her soul. She ultimately found one – in between various genres, modulated by her moods. She connects to music through a myriad of outside influences and inner, deeply personal experiences living in very different, often contradictory, cultural and natural environments. Born Palestinian, ever since cosmopolitan... This alone speaks volumes.

Her music is elaborated with her native patterns of the Orient and vibed yet deeper to reverberate with the subconsciousness, it’s the kind of music which makes so many more in her audience feel being in the right place at the right time. Who does not love it deep and their journeys distant...

Earlier this year, Nour has launched the Refugee Chronicles Interactive Map Project for preserving the stories of people who witnessed the forced displacement of 750,000 Palestinians during the Nakba.


Win moved to Toronto from the East Coast 11 years ago, and immediately found inspiration in the vibrant Toronto music scene. After years of immersing herself in music and becoming a regular on Toronto dance floors, she bought herself a secondhand controller and since then she has never turned back. She is the founder of Nomada Project, a live music and electronic fusion event in Toronto, and co-founder of Bloom Festival. She now works full-time in the arts and music community, building festivals and events.


Producer and DJ Spookyfish has been making noise in the Toronto underground since 2013. Fusing obscure electronic elements with rich ambient textures, Spookyfish's signature sound defies categorization, covering a vast range of genres while always pushing the boundaries of dance music. With releases on labels such as Deep Heads, Tropical Twista Records, and dsrptv Records, her productions showcase a unique and unparalleled sound.


Assassin Bug produces and spins a range of obscure, bass-heavy styles ranging from grime to jungle, dubstep to footwork, intertwined with moments of sparkly melodic madness. With the ability to seamlessly blend a multitude of underground sounds, experimental beats, ethereal dreamscapes, and synthetic sound design, she guides the room on a journey throughout her fast-paced, driven, dark yet uplifting sets. A producer and multi-instrumentalist first, Assassin Bug is driven by the belief that sound, music, and dance are all essential to human nature and expression.

Bevy Law // VJ

Sew Bevy aka bevy love is originally from Toronto. She is an artist that specializes in textiles and design. Sew Bevy has organized community events and designed/constructed/installed psychedelic deco for community gatherings and underground electronic events since 2011 in both Canada and the US. Bevy also expanded her spatial design work to include video projection mapping. She intentionally weaves symbolic imagery to layer themes, meaning, and vibes to her art. Bevy believes that life and art are inherently political. Bevy is passionate about recycling, anti oppression training, genuine safer spaces, and radical revolutionary hope. She aspires to inspire that hope through her imagery and messaging. You can follow her adventures on